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About Us

"With clouds of hot steam, billowing vapour and high humidity, dishwashing used to be a tough and unpopular job."

Now the steam has finally cleared to reveal innovative Meiko technology. The new face of dishwashing is a pleasant working environment, beautifully designed equipment, intuitive operation and of course, perfectly clean, sparkling results.

Dishwashing has never been so cost-effective, so environmentally-friendly and so attractive to the eye.

With Meiko, you receive the very best warewashing solutions – the most technically advanced equipment manufactured to the highest German specification – coupled with exceptional customer service and award winning aftersales support.

Helping to create a clean world

MEIKO is a bubbling fountain of ideas, a place where people from different cultures work together to make our world cleaner and more hygienic.

The solutions we offer in the fields of warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology have won worldwide acclaim. From efficient undercounter machines to fully automatic standalone units and all-in-one systems, we are your fair and innovative partner for clean technology.

Our products fulfil our customers' unique and diverse requirements in numerous different settings, including pubs and cafés, hotels and restaurants, schools, hospital and the care sector.