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A pub relies on the quick rotation of glassware. A busy lunchtime, Friday night or Christmas period will turnover a large amount of money, but your pub must be equipped to cater for the crowds - nobody wants mismatched glassware that doesn't befit the drink that they have purchased. Similarly important is ensuring that glasses are sparkling at all times - smeared, clouded and dirty glassware provides a lasting negative impression of your pub and customers will remember it as a lack of professionalism on the part of the managers and staff. Pub glasswashers are essential to your success.

Whether you fit yours in the kitchen, the cellar, in a separate glass room or behind the bar, a pub glasswasher must be reliable, fast and produce excellent results. That's where we come in. Upster is the entry level series of Meiko glass and dish washers. Meiko dishwashers manufactured by Europe’s leading maker of commercial dish and glasswashing machines. We offer excellent support for our devices, 3 day delivery and 24 month warranty on our products, all of which have been designed with the utmost in professional warewashing technology.

The compact, innovative designs of our front loading glasswashers make them perfect for the job - they are easy to use, wholly dependable and produce sparkling glasses time after time, whether they are champagne flutes or ale mugs. Our competitive prices and comprehensive service includes the best of German engineering design, providing a practical and high quality glasswashing solution.

So, whether you have a broken down, battered machine that needs replacing, or you aren't getting the results that reflect your business, order an UPster today for quick deliveries and excellent results for your pub. It could be the difference between impressed, returning customers and a positive buzz, or a lasting negative impression.

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