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Running a restaurant relies on quick, efficient work completed to a very high standard. If you wouldn't pay money for or tolerate sub-standard work from your employees, then you shouldn't for your glasswasher.

Restaurant glasswashers ensure that your customers are provided with the levels of service and the quality of experience that they are paying for. Effectively managing a busy lunchtime or evening service not only relies on quick turnarounds for glassware but requires them to be sparkling beautifully by the time they reach the table. A smeared glass creates a bad impression of your restaurant and bad impressions translate into negative reviews and loss of custom.

Whether your restaurant glasswasher has broken down or it is no longer providing the results that your business needs, Shop UPster is here to help.

UPster series can be delivered within 3 days, we also offer warranties of 24 months as standard to provide extra peace of mind. All our products are beautifully designed for their environments and our restaurant glasswashers are no exception: they fit neatly into kitchens or glasswashing rooms with their compact designs and produce a very high standard of cleanliness ensure your glassware sparkles each and every time.

One smeared, cloudy glass is all it takes to create a negative impression of your establishment - word of mouth is crucial to your reputation. Call now to find out how Meiko dishwashers can work for you.

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